The Complete Article Writer: How To Write Magazine Articles

Simon Whaley

The Complete Article Writer: How To Write Magazine Articles
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The Complete Article Writer: How To Write Magazine Articles

Simon Whaley

The Complete Article Writer: How To Write Magazine Articles will tell you everything you need to know to become a published article writer.Writing for the magazine market is one of the easiest ways to become a published writer. But only if you can come up with the right idea for the right market at the right time. The Complete Article Writer shows you how to do that, time and time again. It also reveals how to maximise your article potential from one idea. Don’t write one article - write six or more! It explores how to analyse a publication to identify its readership and the freelancing opportunities within it. Then it guides you into twisting your idea so it appeals to the core readership and the most important reader of all - the editor.With detailed advice about beginnings, middles and endings (the various middle structures can help you exploit your ideas even further), along with other pieces of page furniture, including boxouts, sidebars and photos, The Complete Article Writer will show you how to offer an editor the complete package. And to ensure you approach editors professionally, it gives advice on how to pitch (selling an idea to an editor before you write the piece), and how to negotiate the minefield of publishing rights. Whether you’ve always wanted to write an article but don’t know where to start, or have had some success and want to build upon it further, reading this book will make you an editor’s dream supplier. You will become The Complete Article Writer. Simon Whaley’s articles have appeared in a variety of publications, including: BBC Countryfile, Country Walking, Lakeland Walker, The Simple Things, Cumbria, Discover Britain, British Heritage, Writing Magazine The People’s Friend, Outdoor Photography, The Observer and the Daily Express.

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