Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way

Oliver Grant

Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way
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Juche - How to Live Well the North Korean Way

Oliver Grant

If The Little Red Book met The Little Book of Hygge … this hilarious book brilliantly satirises national lifestyle trends, taking the guiding principal of North Korean communism as its subject. ‘Game changing. Juche is to shape the cultural zeitgeist just as The Little Book of Hygge did.’ Fern Brady ‘A book to bring shame upon our depraved morals and our wilted-spinach governments.’ Ivo Graham How did North Korea become the envy of the Western world? The answer lies in the wisdom of Juche. Conceived for the people, by the people, Juche is the guiding philosophy of North Korean culture. It is the bedrock on which the communist revolution has been built. Simply translated, Juche is the art of self-sufficiency; empowering the nation and its comrades to thrive off the resources within themselves. In this ground-breaking lifestyle guide, readers will be shown the pitfalls of western society and the wonders of Juche. These pages contain the secret to a healthier and happier society. Readers will be taught why sleeping under your desk yields a better work-life balance, why food rationing promotes a greater generosity of spirit, how sealed borders and no-fly-zones prevent the agony of long-distance relationships, and why pensions prevent people from living in the moment. Written by the Global Juche Ambassador (Comrade Hyun-Gi), Juche is a wakeup call to the western world, inviting us to change our way of living so we can march in happy unison with our socialist allies.

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