Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule Part One

Kasia Jones, Squire Lysander, Laura Jean Lysander

Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule Part One
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Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule Part One

Kasia Jones, Squire Lysander, Laura Jean Lysander

Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule, Part one, Volume one, Third updated extended edition: …A Modern Teen Gothic Dystopian Dark Noir humor Thriller Musical Love Story; not your Disney dream, a Soap Operetta of young adult epic proportions gone waywardly wanton. Presenting the Forgotten and rancidly ridiculed, Eir O'Casey, aka Eirloom, Eirlooney, Triple A., (always all alone) the top brilliant, uniquely comely female student-athlete, withdrawn and timid, highly sensitive yet strangely blacklisted by her peers, with only one true friend Tina, forbears her last senior year in High school in Upstate Schenectady NY with always known since Kindergarten Scaramouche scoundrel Cagey Coz, Tony Cosentino, the bold, brutish handesome Heartthrob and gang ruler of the school…Until the Polite, perplexing, princely, dreamboat enigma Imre Himmel shows up out of nowhere, turning everyone’s world and school days upside down…and to everyone’s odd surprise, strikes an intimate, quick rapport with Eir, becoming her staunch ally…to Tony’s building, barking fury…mysterious, uncanny incidents and coincidences start to occur between Eir and Imre, sprouting a blooming, passionate love for each other, as well as dangerously dastardly individuals from Imre’s clandestine past and present tailing and trying to end it all for him…and Eir’s femme fatale arch enemy rival Tanyia, is tantalizngly out to win Imre and step all over her at all costs… it doesn’t end here, this is only the begining for them all, secrets and sacrifices, envy and esoteric stunners…and a possessed, haunted mansion that holds the answers to it all…

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