Keto Meal Plan: Comprehensive 30 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan With Handpicked Mouthwatering Ketosis-Inducing Recipes

Faith Smith

Keto Meal Plan: Comprehensive 30 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan With Handpicked Mouthwatering Ketosis-Inducing Recipes
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Keto Meal Plan: Comprehensive 30 Day Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan With Handpicked Mouthwatering Ketosis-Inducing Recipes

Faith Smith

You Are About To Discover How You Can Make Your Body An Efficient Fat Burning Machine For Up To 30 Days or More By Following My Watertight Easy To Follow 30 Day Meal Plan! Meal plans are everything when it comes to diets. Yes, you can have all the recipes in the world but if you cannot organize them in the form of a meal plan, it can be almost impossible to follow the diet successfully. The same applies to the ketogenic diet; if you don’t have recipes, your chances of being on the diet for weeks, months or even years are next to nil. Don’t let that be you. I have been on the ketogenic diet and one thing I can confidently say works for me is knowing which meals to prepare when so that I can shop for whatever I need early. This ensures I don’t end up not having enough of an important ingredient. And I don’t need to tell you what that results to when you don’t know what to eat; the default option for many is unhealthy, carb-rich foods. Are you looking for a definitive meal plan backed by mouthwatering recipes that won’t overwhelm you with options or difficulty? Are you looking for a beginner friendly guide to the Keto diet that will help you understand the keto diet and follow it for as long as you want or until you get to your weight loss goals? If you answered with a YES, this book is for you! This book seeks to hold you by the hand from now onwards for the next 1 month or more to ensure you never have to complain about not knowing what to eat when. With this 30 day meal plan, I can assure you that if you follow it, you will have achieved your weight loss goals by the time you get to 30 days. And it is not just a meal plan; tons of handpicked mouthwatering recipes to ensure it leaves nothing to chance! It even has a secret bonus section that you will love when you see it! In this book, you will find: A complete introduction to the Ketogenic diet for complete beginners Breakfast recipes Lunch recipes Dinner recipes Snack recipes Dessert recipes 30 day (week by week) meal plan to make your shopping and meal prepping a breeze Secret bonus section to catapult you to the next level And much more With this book, you will discover that following the ketogenic diet for the long haul is a lot easier than you’ve ever imagined! Don’t let unpreparedness stop your body from becoming the efficient fat burning machine that you want it to be when you can follow this 30 day meal plan to get into ketosis and stay in there for the next 30 days and beyond! What makes this book different from the many others out there? This book doesn’t try to compete with books that have hundreds of recipes, most of which you won’t even use. It has just enough recipes to ensure you can prepare as many of these recipes as possible within the 30 day period! Do you want to dive in into the world of ketosis? Click BUY NOW With 1-Click or Buy NOW to get started.

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