People Person
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People Person

Candice Carty-Williams

People Person is a triumph. I was so moved by this tender, often humorous, portrait of these five siblings, their burgeoning relationships and all their complexities. I loved every one of these beautifully rendered characters and I’m sure the world will too. I couldn’t put it down.’ Caleb Azumah Nelson



Dimple Pennington knew of her half siblings, but she didn’t really know them. Five people who don’t have anything in common except for faint memories of being driven through Brixton in their dad’s gold jeep, and some pretty complex abandonment issues. Dimple has bigger things to think about. She’s thirty, and her life isn’t really going anywhere. An aspiring lifestyle influencer with a terrible and wayward boyfriend, Dimple’s life has shrunk to the size of a phone screen. And despite a small but loyal following, she’s never felt more alone in her life. That is, until a catastrophic event brings her half siblings Nikisha, Danny, Lizzie and Prynce crashing back into her life. And when they’re all forced to reconnect with Cyril Pennington, the absent father they never really knew, things get even more complicated.


Imagine your wayward, largely absent father showing up one fine day offering to take you and your younger brother for ice cream. Along the way, you stop at various unknown houses to collect three complete strangers, all just a few years younger than yourself. These strangers are your half siblings, and your father wants to make sure you are familiar enough with one another that you don’t accidentally hook up, now that you’re all around ‘courtin’ age’. These strangers quickly learn the only thing they have in common besides their father is the fact that all their mothers have been greatly disappointed by the same man.

Nikisha, her brother and her half siblings walk away from one another and the father they share (a charming, carefree man named Cyril Pennington) that day, believing that’s the end of the story, with no need to stay in touch or see each other again. That is until Dimple, an aspiring social media influencer with a terrible boyfriend, brings them all together one fateful evening to help her solve a rather large, life-changing and difficult problem.

What follows is a tender, heartfelt portrait of a family struggling to cooperate with one another in the strangest of circumstances. People Person is a light, darkly funny, and highly entertaining read, with cracking dialogue and a cast of fully formed, beautifully rendered characters. Full of the same wise observations and social commentary as Carty-Williams’ first novel, Queenie, People Person is an immersive, joyful and deeply satisfying read. I believe Sara Collins summed it up best: ‘Cyril Pennington is a character for the ages, but this story truly belongs to the children he never managed to parent. I loved it.’ Candice Carty-Williams is indeed a talent to greatly admire. I cannot wait to see what she does next.

Tye Cattanach is from Readings Kids

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