Yin Yoga Flow: A Beginner’s to Advancing Practitioner’s Manual

Audrey Whaley, Michele Whaley

Yin Yoga Flow: A Beginner's to Advancing Practitioner's Manual
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Yin Yoga Flow: A Beginner’s to Advancing Practitioner’s Manual

Audrey Whaley, Michele Whaley

Yin Yoga differs from other traditional forms of Hatha Yoga in that it focuses on opening the body through deep stretching intended to deliver circulation to the areas of the body. Yin Yoga stretches out the ligaments and fascia of the body to lubricate the joints, increase the health of the muscles and deliver fresh oxygen and blood throughout the body. Yin Yoga can increase flexibility and mental stamina while allowing the mind to intensely focus the mind to a point of singularity. This manual covers over 70 poses with descriptions of how to get into the pose, poses to open and stretch to the next pose, benefits, contraindications, modifications, progressions, and much more including many asanas with the accompanying myth or symbolic story to add to your practice or class! This book contains many sequences and thematic ideas for the whole year with a lunar schedule for a receptive yin practice, or turns any of the sequences provided into a restorative practice by adding applicable props and modifications. The Yin Manual covers the subtle bodies of yoga such as the meridian and chakra systems. The Yin manual contains information on the 8 limbs of yoga, meditations, pranayamas, bandhas, mudras, mantras, kriyas, and more. The appendix includes a glossary of terms, essential oil guide and simple at home remedies.

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