Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule Part One

Laura Jean Lysander

Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule Part One
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Sardoodledom: The Broken Rule Part One

Laura Jean Lysander

The second edition If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself. George Orwell, 1984… Eir, Heirloom O'Casey was the female teen oddball of Schenectady, ignored and whispered of, only a shadow, a strange wraith of salient otherworldly sensitivity. Although brilliant and alluringly, athletically beautiful, her odd, antiqued character demeanor and clothed appearance, along with her super-shyness seemed to her to be the cause for the estrangement from her peers…so it strangely seemed. Yet her little forgotten life, her book was far more than just its cover even if no one noticed, and had been that way for so many years…until the mysterious, enigmatic, noble and handsome new student Imre Himmel showed up, changing her little cloistered and invisible existence to one of epic proportions in a mere two weeks time, opening the door to so many supernatural and other hidden treasures she dare not mention. Popular heartthrob Tony Cosentino, the brash leader of the school who had known Eir since kindergarten wasn’t too happy about any of it, at all…and vowed to do something about it and Imre if it almost even… killed someone. He had to. Everything was at stake, everything he knew, and didn’t know, for far odder, twisted truths lay where he poked and prodded. And so it began… one by one, the peculiar, startling coincidences, the strange recollections and even stranger abilities, and the lurking, hidden danger that started to unfold a deep, dark, despairing secret hidden for ages that involved them all…

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