This Book Never Ends…: It just goes On ‘N’ On

Mark Baker

This Book Never Ends...: It just goes On 'N' On
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This Book Never Ends…: It just goes On ‘N’ On

Mark Baker

THIS BOOKS NEVER ENDS… - …it keeps looping round and round until somebody says PLEASE STOP READING NOW! - Who is going to give up first? The grown-up or the child because… - …It just goes On ‘N’ On… - When you get to the back cover of the book you simply turn This Book Never Ends… over and start on the cover by following the line throughout the book. - Keep doing this until one of you does not wish to continue. - This most innovative of books pits an intriguing battle of wills of who want to stop reading first. - The feedback from children has been - I love joining in with the On ‘N’ On part - I really like that it goes round and round. - Not giving up and winning! - It’s very funny! - I like Infi and Nity. - The pictures are great and join up through the book. - I liked everything about the book. - This fun book gives children a chance to feel in control of a life that is otherwise decided for them. - Most of the time a child doesn’t choose what time they go to bed, when it is time to eat, what to eat or if they can go outside. - You will love this book as much as everybody else who has interacted with it.

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