In Your Dreams: Beautiful Knightmare

Barbara Ann Mahon, Squire Lysander, Laura Jean Lysander

In Your Dreams: Beautiful Knightmare
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In Your Dreams: Beautiful Knightmare

Barbara Ann Mahon, Squire Lysander, Laura Jean Lysander

Ever since she could remember, young, spirited Ivy Swan had been dreaming of the Forest and her special dream best friend Shraden whom she vehemently proclaimed was Real, not imaginary. Her fanciful fake dream stories entertained and annoyed most her family, especially her older sister until that one fated night- with that very un-fake frog actually appeared in her bed… and it all changed, without one single dream at all for years. It tormented her so much that she began to elaborately, obsessively draw scenes of him within his forest that sent her off to a doctor, forcing her to stop her lovely yet compulsive artwork, … until one bold, unexpected daydream in her Senior year math class that changed everything all over again, for indeed Shraden was real, and now grown and studied sacred Knighthood all these missing years in his Magic Realm to either forget, which he could never do, or dedicate all his hours to find a way to stay with her. For he had never stopped secretly loving his special dream world best friend, so much that he passionately gives her something very important to him and all from his magical Realm that again comes back along with her… and is stolen from Ivy, and now, many more people believe Shraden to be real… too many and the wrong ones. Can Shraden, stuck in his magical Realm, his world, help his dear friend Ivy and their love before it is all too late for everyone? Read on, and enjoy the fairy tale…

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