Good Selfie: Tips and Tools for Teens to Nail Life

Turia Pitt, Freda Chiu

Good Selfie: Tips and Tools for Teens to Nail Life
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Good Selfie: Tips and Tools for Teens to Nail Life

Turia Pitt, Freda Chiu

Good Selfie contains simple strategies to help kids and teens build self-confidence, get through hard times and go after massive goals. It’s real, straight-talking and funny (if I do say so myself!). I can’t wait for you to get stuck in! Turia xx

‘Good Selfie is a fabulous book and an absolute must-read for every family. Like Turia, it’s practical and full of inspiration, wisdom, laughs….and a joyous optimism that is completely infectious.‘ – Lisa Wilkinson, Journalist

‘Turia Pitt’s life story is one of extraordinary strength through her struggle against adversity. Her courage and dignity inspire all people, particularly women and girls. As a national role model we are grateful that she has decided to share with us her emotional and powerful journey.’ – The Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs

‘Turia is an incredible woman. Forthright, fierce, resilient, bold, strong and oozing courage. She has so much to teach us about life, challenges and cultivating confidence. Good Selfie is a must read - for you and your kids.‘ – Sandra Sully, Journalist and Senior Editor Ten News

‘My friend Turia Pitt is an extraordinary person. She is living proof that with a strong purpose and vision for your life, you can overcome ANY challenge and any circumstance. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to know her and to hear her powerful story of triumph over the unimaginable.’ – Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach

‘Reading Good Selfie made me realise that everyone goes through hard times and everyone has bad days - not just me. I really liked all Turia’s hacks and tricks to feel more confident too - they actually work.‘ – Josh, 14 years old

‘Good Selfie was so inspirational and it really helped me boost my confidence. It has inspired me to never give up and smash goals. By the way my favourite activities were the re-framing activities and the gratitude activities. I will recommend this book to all my friends!’ – Chloe, 11 years old 



Turia Pitt is a motivational speaker, athlete and burns survivor, and she has written her latest book in such a completely friendly, casual way that from the very first sentence you feel welcomed and wanted, almost like you can sense Pitt’s warm delight that you, personally, are reading her book.

Good Selfie is a book of Pitt’s ‘tips and tools for teens to nail life’, as well as answers to a collection of questions she is frequently asked by teens while on her speaking tours.

Each chapter starts with a theme, followed by questions and answers relating to the theme, and ends with related exercises. It is presented in such a way that it can be read however you like: you can read it all the way through at once, or dip in and out when you see a question that piques your interest or an activity or exercise that feels relevant to you at the time. Some of the activities Pitt suggests seem really simple and obvious, but there’s something about the way she writes that affects you as you read. No matter how doubtful you may have felt about her immediate answer to the question at the start of the chapter, by the time you’ve read through to the end you will find yourself enthusiastically filling out the related exercises.

I also want to make it clear this is not just a book for girls. Young boys and men are equally as susceptible to the pressures of society, they are equally as in need of someone to encourage them to write down personal achievements about which they can be proud, and they also will find themselves in need of good, solid, positive advice about how to deal with setbacks in life in a healthy way. This book is perfect for all young people.

Good Selfie is an infectiously positive book and I highly recommend it for all kids 10+.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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