Going Postal: More Than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Quinn Eades, Son Vivienne

Going Postal: More Than 'Yes' or 'No'
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Going Postal: More Than ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Quinn Eades, Son Vivienne

Throughout 2017 the queer and gender-diverse community of Australia undertook an incredible campaign of everyday activism around Marriage Equality. Individuals and collectives shared personal stories with their networks - from social media to workplace to school playground. Tears and rage were purged - often documented as poems, photos, short stories, status updates, tweets, blog posts, political cartoons, and short videos.

Many were shocked at the vitriol directed at `Yes' voters - to faces, in letterboxes and online, even in `secret' Facebook groups. By the end, many were truly exhausted. And yes, the legislation went through. Yes, more people can get married now. But many have been left wondering whether it was worth it.

Many are living with the ongoing grief of having their lives and those of their loved ones up for public debate. Going Postal is two books in one: it’s a celebration of the `Yes' result, of the empowerment gained and joy felt by those directly and indirectly affected. It’s also however a protest book too, one that is angry and sad due to the trauma enacted upon people.

As the blurb says: Many of us are living with the ongoing grief of having our lives, and those of our children, be up for public debate. The full list of contributors: Carol D'Cruz, Dennis Altman, Jess Ison, Timothy Jones, Judy Horacek, Fiona McGregor, Jennifer Power, Fury, Joni Nelson, Jamie James, Simon Hunt, Candy Royalle, Quinn Eades , Stuart Barnes, Heather Grace Jones, Sarah Hart, Roxy Tickle (Wilson), Hannah Robert & Fiona Kelly, Felicity Marlowe, Jessica Cohen, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Rebecca Jessen, Kaya Wilson, Erin Hortle, et al, Cynthia Huang, Kiri Bear, Chloe Sargeant, Ann Deslandes, Nina Lord, Amy Middleton, Kelly Walker, Sam Flynn, Tilly Houghton, Morgan Carpenter, Edie Shepherd, Omar J Sakr, Simon Copland, Roz Bellamy, Timmah Ball, Cee Devlin, Nayuka Gorrie, Kochava Lilit, Son Vivienne.

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