Norskov: Season 2 (DVD)

Norskov: Season 2 (DVD)
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Norskov: Season 2 (DVD)

The end of Series One saw Bondy jailed for 14 years. His wife Claudia takes over the business, but nothing will go easy. Bondy’s nephew Oliver is still looking for a home, and feels disenfranchised. Claudia runs the business differently, Oliver is drawn to Bondy, and Norskov is suddeny viewed from a female perspective.

Fascinating, beautifully written drama from the North of Denmark.


It has been two years of waiting to see what has become of the residents of the seaside town called Norskov. The wait has been more than worth it. At the end of Season 1 we saw that Casper had been arrested for dealing drugs. Tom, his childhood friend and a police officer, had been responsible for his arrest. Martin was still trying to get his wave-energy project off the ground whilst trying to make up for lost time with his alleged son, Oliver.

Season 2 takes off right after the court case in which Casper has been sentenced to 14 years for his crimes. The six episodes in this new series are named after its main players. Claudia (Casper’s wife) struggles with his incarceration whilst also battling to get her daughter to visit her father. Casper wants the business wound up to stop them losing money while he is ‘inside’; Claudia may have other plans. Oliver is unable to continue playing hockey and must find other means to bide his time while also trying to find out who his real father is; Martin believes it to be him. Martin’s wife Jackie struggles with her own issues while also dealing with her husband’s failing plans. Tom still sees Casper in prison while trying to keep a relationship with Claudia. She still blames him for their problems but he persists in helping her cope. Finally, Casper has other plans and they don’t involve staying incarcerated. He still seems to be pushing everyone’s buttons and only something drastic can tie this mystery together.

I was eagerly awaiting this new series and, without offering spoilers, I am just as eager to see what Season 3 will bring! Norskov is truly all that is great in Scandinavian television.

Lou Fulco works as a bookseller at Readings Hawthorn.

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