Maximizing Practice: A Daly Practice Routine for Developing Trumpet Skills

Mark Van Cleave

Maximizing Practice: A Daly Practice Routine for Developing Trumpet Skills
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Maximizing Practice: A Daly Practice Routine for Developing Trumpet Skills

Mark Van Cleave

The physical demands for trumpet players have evolved so quickly in the last forty years, that trumpet players have not been able to keep up. The range and endurance required to perform today’s music has turned playing the trumpet into an athletic event. Trumpet players need to address these physical demands in the same systematic and focused approach as athletes. Understanding the physical skills needed to play the trumpet correctly can be a frustrating search for answers. In my own search for these answers, I have studied with, and picked the brains of some great trumpet teachers and players. Some of these teachers are: Jerry Franks, Dominic Spera, Bill Adam, Claude Gordon, Jerome Callet, Don Jacoby, and Max Greer. My books: Maximizing Practice Volume 1: A Daily Practice Routine for Developing Trumpet Skills and Maximizing Practice Volume 2: Developing Trumpet Range, Power, and Endurance are a combination of information on how the trumpet machine works, and exercises that are focused on individual skills. The exercises in these methods are designed to change and improve your machine. (In order for your machine to improve, it has to change). The exercises are focused in order to maximize results. There are many books with great exercises you can play, but how you practice them will determine your improvement. (A great exercise practiced wrong will not help you). These methods and way of thinking about trumpet practice have been of great help to me and to my students, and I sincerely hope that you will benefit from the information in these books.

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