My heart won’t let me leave

Victoria D Johnson

My heart won't let me leave
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My heart won’t let me leave

Victoria D Johnson

Jaelynn wants to be normal. She wants the demons that haunt her heart and mind since the death of her father, to go away and leave her alone. So she does what any other young girl would do; she pretends that all is well and that the love from her high school sweetheart Amari Black will heal all of her gaping inner wounds. When Jaelynn leaves home and to attend college, the same college that Amari has received a basketball scholarship to, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up the facade of ‘the girl next door.’ She is faced with temptation time and time again, by the sexy allure of a fellow Berkeley student. Jaelynn soon learns that although her heart wants to say no, her body has its own agenda and must quench an undying thirst for adventure, sex, and lust. Amari doesn’t understand what his beautiful fiancee is going through. She is sweet and nice one minute, abusive and violent in the next. Amari loves Jaelynn more than he ever thought possible to love another human being, but this new and unimproved Jaelynn is more than he bargained for. It is when Jaelynn’s secret lover betrays her in the worst way, that she learns how giving in to her body’s demands and ignoring her heart’s warnings has possibly destroyed her reputation, self-esteem, and relationship with the love of her life. Will Jaelynn’s mental illness, combined with the realization of the ultimate betrayal, send her over the edge to the point of no return? Will Amari forgive and forget, or decide to get even? After all, his heart won’t let him leave…but his pride may make him walk away for good.

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