Eyes Too Dry
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Eyes Too Dry

Alice Chipkin, Jessica Tavassoli

Eyes Too Dry is a graphic memoir about heavy feelings, queer friendship and the therapeutic possibilities of making comics. It is the true story of two friends, Alice Chipkin & Jessica Tavassoli, that covers two years, two continents and countless conversations in between.

Meet Tava, a twenty-four-year-old medical student in a deep depression. Alice, her friend and housemate, is trying to figure out how to support her. Time unravels, leaving both women bewildered at the emotional landscapes that have opened before them.

Eyes Too Dry is a tracing of process. The inner and outer worlds of two people are laid bare as they struggle to respond both to themselves and each other. It’s a stab at the fear and stigma that so often shrouds expressions of heaviness, and an offering of a language that resonates and holds.

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