Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible!

Gary Dyck, Leeanne Dyck

Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible!
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Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible!

Gary Dyck, Leeanne Dyck

Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible! by Gary Dyck and LeeAnne Dyck is an inspirational nonfiction Christian book written to share the authors' stories of God working miracles in their lives. This book will encourage readers to anticipate God working miracles in their own lives, doing impossible things, and making the impossible possible. This autobiographical collection of miraculous stories includes tales of God providing healing, overcoming infertility, meeting financial needs, helping in work situations, multiplying food, finding lost items, and even bringing the dead back to life-all because God cares about each moment of His children’s lives. Readers wondering Does God do miracles today? How do miracles work? and Do miracles still happen? will be uplifted and encouraged by Miracles: Your Impossible Is Possible! Christian nonfiction; Christian memoir; miracles; miracle; faith; belief; believe; prayer; Heaven Is For Real; healing; risen; modern miracles; do miracles really happen; paranormal; spiritual healing; scripture.

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