Animal Journeys
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Animal Journeys

Patricia Hegarty, Jessica Courtney-Tickle

Use this beautifully illustrated book to find out about some extraordinary animal odysseys, from mass migrations to flying fish, from pollination to echolocation. Discover how animals adapt to their environments to help them thrive and survive in this journal of amazing animal journeys.


We’ve had a plethora of gorgeous non-fiction books for children that have been LARGE and stunning, and now there are these nifty, field-guide sized books: perfect for small hands. Animal Journeys presents some of the amazing migrations animals and birds undertake. It begins with the plucky Arctic Tern, which can fly over 90,000 kilometres from the Arctic to Antarctica and then back again – phew!

Then there are the female green turtles making moonlit missions to deposit their eggs in holes they dig in the sand. When those babies hatch, the tiny turtles have to traverse a predator-riddled coast to make it back to the water – phew again! Fully illustrated, these inspiring nature books are perfect for budding naturalists who will then be tempted to find out more about these inspirational creatures. For ages 6 and up.

Alexa Dretzke is a Children’s & YA Book Specialist at Readings Hawthorn.

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