The Political is Personal: A Twentieth Century Memoir

Judith Buckrich

The Political is Personal: A Twentieth Century Memoir
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The Political is Personal: A Twentieth Century Memoir

Judith Buckrich

‘The Political is Personal is an inspiring memoir of a life lived to the full, epic in scope, tempered by an acute political awareness, driven by a hunger for knowledge and experience, and crafted with the skill of a seasoned writer. Judy Buckrich deftly interweaves the historical and the momentary, and writes of complex matters with great clarity. The narrative carries the reader effortlessly through some of the twentieth century’s most harrowing, and significant moments-war, revolution, migration, political movements, and personal journeys are all part of the tapestry-the result is a riveting memoir that both informs and energises, and carries the reader through tumultuous times. The photos work in harmony with the text, and integrate the historical and the intimate.

Buckrich is typically direct and frank in writing of her own adventurous life. The women’s movement and sexual politics take centre stage-alongside sharp observations of the challenges of the writing life. The achievement of this book is a promise fulfilled-the personal is indeed viewed against a far bigger canvas, yet throughout, the political is always reflected in the life-story-and always achingly human.’

Arnold Zable, Acclaimed writer, novelist and human rights advocate.

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