Prophet Over Profit: A Philosophical Journal

John O'Loughlin

Prophet Over Profit: A Philosophical Journal
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Prophet Over Profit: A Philosophical Journal

John O'Loughlin

Conceived in the semi-literary but arguably highly abstract form of a philosophical journal, this 2016 project by John O'Loughlin continues from previous titles, like ‘Black Sabbaticals’ and ‘Supercrossed’, with his analyses of the relationships, hegemonic and subordinate, between atoms and what he calls pseudo-atoms … as the foundations, through gender and pseudo-gender, of alternative class (‘upper’ and ‘lower’) and alternative pseudo-class (‘pseudo-upper’ and ‘pseudo-lower’) approaches to them which, so he contends, make not only for dissimilar disciplinary interpretations of their metachemical, chemical, physical, and metaphysical (not to say pseudo-metaphysical, pseudo-physical, pseudo-chemical, and pseudo-metachemical) manifestations, but also condition, so we are told, a variety of ethnic disparities which, quite apart from the inceptive influence of environment, derive in large part from such class distinctions, subject, as they invariably are, to the retrogressive pull of a barbarous racial hinterland, so to speak, which underlines - and even undermines - civilization in its various (gender- and class-conditioned) stages, from cosmic and natural through to human and (in anticipating the future) cyborgistic (an interesting adjectival take on the term ‘cyborg’‘, which isn’t necessarily equivalent to or synonymous with anything robotic) …. With these and other such theories, underpinned by a rigourously meticulous logic which is not afraid to repeat or refashion itself in the interests of a comprehensively exacting thematic approach to text, John O'Loughlin has produced a work which will both shock and amaze as to the veracity of its claims and the extent to which terms have, in almost Joycean fashion, been reinvented or substantively modified to suit the depth and breadth of his thinking, which, with some four decades of consistent intellectual progress behind him, is surely that of a consummate philosopher at the very peak of his not-inconsiderable logical powers.

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