Petunia Paris’s Parrot

Katie Haworth, Jo Williamson

Petunia Paris's Parrot
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Petunia Paris’s Parrot

Katie Haworth, Jo Williamson

Petunia Paris has everything she could possibly want, from a swimming pool to a bicycle with its very own chauffeur. When she requests a parrot for her fifth birthday, a parrot is what she gets. The problem is, Petunia Paris’s parrot doesn’t do what Petunia Paris wants it to do …

A hilarious story with a moral lesson brought to life with classic and witty illustrations by Jo Williamson.


Petunia Paris lives a life of luxury and wants for very little, so her parents are challenged for gifts when her fifth birthday approaches; what to give their darling, indulged treasure? A talking parrot, of course, is what Petunia desires. The only thing is that the Peruvian macaw she receives is not as biddable as her parents and will offer nothing but a plaintive ‘Squarrk’. Petunia is angered and petulant but finally is saddened when she learns of her bird’s misery. Her sixth birthday finds the Paris family on a plane to guess where? This is a really appealing picture book with an endearing blend of wit and heart that will entertain 3–6 year olds.

Alexa Dretzke is a Children’s & YA Book Specialist at Readings Hawthorn.

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