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Lee Battersby, Amy Daoud

A wonderfully strange yet poignant tale of accepting the truth about oneself.

Magrit lives in an abandoned cemetery. She is as forgotten as the tiny graveyard that surrounds her. One night a passing stork drops a strange bundle into the graveyard. Master Puppet, her friend and advisor, tells her it is an awful, ugly, terrible thing and that she should get rid of it. But Magrit has other ideas.

For fans of Neil Gaiman’s Coraline, Tinder and David Almond; a haunting tale about accepting the truth about yourself, presented in a gothic gift package.


One Day a ‘horrible thing’ is dropped down into Magrit and Master Puppet’s home by a stork. Master Puppet thinks it should be killed, Magrit wants to keep it. They have their first big disagreement. How can a ten-year-old girl look after a baby (the ‘horrible thing’ ), particularly if her home is a long forgotten, secluded cemetery?

In this haunting and beautifully written novel the surreal runs headlong into reality as Magrit is challenged by a baby’s needs. However, she proves to be a resourceful if unconventional guardian and Bugrat (the baby) thrives. But as time passes the outside world threatens and Master Puppet’s initial foreboding feels prescient. Finally, Magrit is faced with some truths that are heartbreaking, and from which Master Puppet was trying to protect her. This curious and poignant story will appeal to kids 8–11 years of age who like a creepy little tale tempered with a whole lot of heart.

Angela Crocombe is the Children’s Book Buyer at Readings Carlton.

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