Secret Truths - Health and Well-Being: Health Truths That Everyone Should Know, Secrets Beyond Nutrition, Toxicity and the Nervous System

Myra Sri

Secret Truths - Health and Well-Being: Health Truths That Everyone Should Know, Secrets Beyond Nutrition, Toxicity and the Nervous System
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Secret Truths - Health and Well-Being: Health Truths That Everyone Should Know, Secrets Beyond Nutrition, Toxicity and the Nervous System

Myra Sri

SECRETS BEYOND NUTRITION… Resolve Exhaustion and Tiredness Naturally. Recognise Obstacles to Health and Vitality. Body-Mind and Emotional Impact. This is a book that acknowledges the need for proper nutrition and appropriate health care - then goes beyond it! Written by an experienced health professional, it uncovers some of the hidden truths that prevent us from full recovery and which can compromise our health and vitality. When you think you are doing all the right things, but are still not getting better, this book is a MUST! When the medical profession are scratching their heads and can’t pinpoint the problem (or you feel they are sweeping it under the carpet), then this book is a BASIC! When you know there is a problem and a reason why you are so tired, yet tests can’t find anything wrong, this book is ESSENTIAL! Many have come to me complaining about tiredness and lack of energy - and gone away feeling ‘lighter’ and ‘better’ in themselves. Sometimes they just needed to know what was going on for them. Sometimes they needed help in moving or shifting the energies attached to their problem. Sometimes they needed some energy work, and / or to find out what to do next rather than rely solely on getting ‘pills’ from the doctor. When you have few options to sort out your health, you take whatever is available - but it shouldn’t be like that! This book is to help those people who wish to find answers to their problems or symptoms on the physical level themselves. This book shares some truths regarding the hidden aspects of tiredness, exhaustion and depletion of energy - and I know about these not only from my own experiences, but from practicing as a health professional. It is becoming more and more clear that we can no longer treat the body and its physical ailments as problems belonging solely to the body and the physical realm. We are rediscovering heart / mind / soul / body connections again after years and centuries of separation, isolation and treatment of these other individual parts. With the advent of the internet a lot more information is becoming available. One may have to do a little sifting sometimes, but generally speaking we are sharing truths much more freely than ever before. So rather than pushing a ‘pill’ (which has become the norm for many) or seeking medication that doesn’t actually address the causal issue but keeps us buying that pill, we are now finding ways to help our self, and to take back control and authority (and with it, autonomy) of our lives again! The causal issues cause the problem - ignore these and you will continue to experience a variety of issues - what you repress in one area of the body will emerge in another area… until you deal with what is underlying it. Learning the truth about what is happening for you, really happening, is of prime importance to be able to get well again. In this book, we bring you truths that are not generally shared with patients by the medical profession, and even some other health therapists are not aware of. We deal with aspects of physical and energy systems in the body, as well as emotional and mental impacts. The affect of the heart and soul on the emotional and mental attitudes toward self-healing, expression and the appropriate use of energy should not be underestimated. Some of the issues covered include: -Well-Being Basics That Everyone Should Know -Hidden Truths Behind Exhaustion and Tiredness -Body-Mind-Spirit and Emotional Impacts -Adrenal Exhaustion -Toxicity and the Nervous System -Dental Amalgams and Mercury -The Miracle Power of Minerals -Hydration -Discover Veiled Blockages to Health and Vitality -Resolve Exhaustion and Tiredness NATURALLY! -Toxicity Impact on Nervous System, Brain and Body -Recognise and Clear Blocks to Weight-Loss, Health and Brain Function Naturally -Hidden Personal Power -Positive Energy -Sensitive Types

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