Careers in the United States Air Force

Institute for Career Research

Careers in the United States Air Force
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Careers in the United States Air Force

Institute for Career Research

CHOOSING A CAREER IS TOO IMPORTANT to put off until the last minute. Even while you are still in high school, you should be thinking seriously about what you want to do with the rest of your life. Your school years will prepare you for a productive career. You owe it to yourself to give this process the serious thought it deserves. A career is about more than dollars and cents. There is a big picture to keep in mind when homing in on what you would like to do when you get out of school. Everybody wants to do something they enjoy. Most people also want to do something that they find meaningful. Most people want to become part of something larger than themselves, too. A career in the United States Air Force can provide you with all of these things. You do not have to be a pilot, either. In fact, relatively few Air Force personnel fly planes. Like all branches of the US military, the Air Force offers hundreds of individual career paths ranging from intelligence analysts and air-traffic controllers to chefs, as well as pilots. The Air Force is a great place to learn a skill and get a start in life - or to spend a 20-year career. You will have that choice if you enlist in the Air Force. The US Air Force is the largest and most advanced air force in the world. It counts 328,000 personnel on active duty, 74,000 in the Air Force Reserve and 106,000 in the Air National Guard. Those personnel are responsible for nearly 5,800 aircraft ranging from tiny trainers to long-haul bombers to super-sophisticated fighter planes. This number is larger than the next two largest air forces - Russia and China - combined. The Air Force is also responsible for the United States' arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles, is the lead agency on launching military satellites and owns a rapidly growing number of unmanned combat aerial vehicles. Simply put, the US Air Force has no peer - not even close. Air power is an important part of the comprehensive package of US military might. Ground, sea and air power all play a part in winning wars and maintaining the peace. Ever since the dawn of air power it has been understood that the first step in controlling the ground is controlling the air. Since the goal of any war is controlling the ground, a modern war cannot be won without air power. Take careful note of the information contained in this report. In it you will find sections on how to prepare for your career, what kind of education you will need, what you can expect to like and dislike about the career and even how much money you can expect to earn at various stages along the way. If you like what you read here, talk to a recruiter. Remember, just talking to a recruiter incurs no obligation on your part. Requirements and opportunities change constantly.

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