Andy Mulligan

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Andy Mulligan

What would you do if you discovered something bad? - a truly lethal secret, for example…where someone might die? WE DID (and we were only doing Work Experience!) Would you try to do something? WE DID (and maybe we shouldn’t have, because bad, ruthless, dangerous people started to hunt us down …) To be honest, all we wanted was to hide at that point. But we couldn’t , could we? It sure was Work Experience …but it wasn’t making tea …

Work Experience …every kid does it at School but nine times out of ten it’s a disappointment. Not this time. You are holding in your hands a stonking new thriller by Andy Mulligan author of the awesome Trash (now a major movie).


From the bestselling author of Trash, strap yourself in for a thriller where a class of teenagers battle wits with an evil corporation that is trying to cover up malpractice and kill an innocent child.

It’s work experience time at school and each student has three days in a workplace. Leela is doing rounds with a doctor, the twins are at the local newspaper, Spud is down the drains, Kat Kat will be helping a reclusive rock star, and Vicky has been dumped into ‘Assistant Sandwich Maker’ at a law firm. But this law firm just happens to do PR for the company behind the biggest soft drink in the world – Liquidator. When Vicky stumbles upon a horrific secret that will destroy lives she will need most of the kids from her class and their ingenuity to stop it. Events build to a nail-biting climax at a globally televised charity concert – Africa’s Weeping.

Told in multiple voices and viewpoints, this is an exciting, fast-paced adventure where the kids outsmart the adults and change the world. Highly recommended for both boys and girls aged 11 and up.

Angela Crocombe is the Children’s Book Buyer at Readings Carlton.

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