Don’t Follow Vee

Oliver Phommavanh

Don't Follow Vee
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Don’t Follow Vee

Oliver Phommavanh

I’m not on social media, but everyone knows all about my life - from birth - thanks to Mum’s Instagram, The Chronicles of Vee. It used to be a bit of fun, but when we got to 100,000 followers, Mum’s started to take it way too seriously.     

My mission? Stop my mum posting everything about my life. How? 1. Become Anti-Vee and make my life unfollowable. 2. Make Mum’s life more exciting than mine so she posts stuff about herself instead. Easy, right?   

That is, until Anti-Vee becomes more popular than the real Vee. Can I ever make Mum cool enough to start her own Instagram or am I doomed to have everyone following me forever?!


Vee wakes up every morning to her mum snapping a picture to put on her Instagram account ‘The Chronicles of Vee' – an account her mum started when she was a baby. Every year on her birthday, Vee’s mum asks if it’s ok to keep going with the account, and every year Vee has said yes, but when her mum starts doing things like making up stories that get Vee unwanted attention at school, and breaking Vee’s golden rule of not posting pictures of her friends, Vee starts to wonder if maybe it’s time to stop.

The problem is, being Insta-famous does have its perks, and what would her mum do if she wasn’t spending every waking moment analysing Instagram successes and failures?

This is an excellent middle-grade book about the internet, friendship, and family for readers 10+.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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