Careers in Real Estate

Institute for Career Research

Careers in Real Estate
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Careers in Real Estate

Institute for Career Research

TO SAY THAT CAREERS IN REAL ESTATE are critical to the functioning of society would be a gross understatement. Nobody can do much of anything without land. Without it, where would you put your stuff? Or yourself? Even the phrase real estate is rooted in the idea that land and buildings are fundamentally different from anything else in a person’s estate, or sum total of their wealth. Other forms of property can be quickly and easily converted into other things: Stocks can be sold, cash can be used to buy things. Land and buildings are more permanent. Land is an extremely valuable commodity. As real estate agents like to say, You know what they say about land: They’re not making any more of it. There are many careers directly involved in real estate. This report will concentrate on real estate agents who buy and sell commercial and residential real estate, usually on behalf of clients. It will also look into closely related professions like real-estate development, which is the natural by-product of buying and selling property, and often undertaken by the same people and businesses. Real estate is also a classic entrepreneurial business. Most real estate agents are technically self-employed and pay a fee to be associated with a realty company. Read on and you will learn how to get some experience right away, what to study in school, how much money you may make at various points in your career and what you may like most about the career and even what you may not like.

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