Goodbye Stranger

Rebecca Stead

Goodbye Stranger
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Goodbye Stranger

Rebecca Stead

Back in grade five, Bridge, Tabitha and Emily made a pact. Never to fight, ever. Now, two years later, they’re still best friends, but other things are changing. Bridge meets Sherm, and is soon excited and confused by her new, strange feelings. And when Emily starts texting pictures of herself to Patrick, Bridge and Tab find themselves complicit in a naive plan that quickly spirals out of control. And while the three friends navigate the challenges of their changing friendship, another story - of betrayal and remorse - keeps you guessing until the very end.

Goodbye Stranger is a tender and intricate story about friendships, and love, and the pain of sometimes making the wrong choices.


The journey from childhood to young adulthood is never an easy path, even for those blessed with loving families and friends to help them navigate the perils of transit. When steadfast friends Bridge, Em and Tab leave the relative safety of primary school the challenges of year 7 and high school they encounter a world where the rules of engagement are often unknown. Not only has the ‘geography’ changed but their bodies are transforming, each at a different rate, forcing them to discover both the difficulty and importance of being true to oneself.

Rebecca Stead is a multi-award winning author with a profound appreciation for the young people she writes for, so when she explores the bonds (and limits) of female friendships – especially where boys are involved – she creates the kind of situations that would shatter a vulnerable thirteen-year-old girl but somehow manages to do so with a deft, light touch full of empathy and humour.

Rebecca Stead’s wonderful books, Liar and Spy, When You Reach Me and First Light are loved by many and Goodbye Stranger will be no exception! I loved it and so will you!

Highly recommended for ages 11 and over.

Athina Clarke is the Children’s Buyer from Readings Malvern

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