Careers with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Institute for Career Research

Careers with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
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Careers with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Institute for Career Research

YOU LIVE IN AN AGE IN WHICH OLD careers disappear and are replaced by new ones on a constant basis. Have you used a printed paper map lately? They are rarely used today, because the paper-and-ink cartography of the past has given way to the geographic information systems of today. Often referred to simply as GIS, GIS applications, or GIS platforms, geographic information systems enable us to find our way around the modern world. From the Google maps in our smartphones to the sophisticated targeting systems used by the military, GIS platforms have become a common part of everyday life. That means there are many opportunities for dedicated professionals to take GIS to the next level. GIS platforms are used by geographers, scientists, real estate agents, property developers, government agencies, conservationists, in military specialties, by individuals driving their cars, and in many other useful ways. These users may work with the scientists and computer programmers who design GIS platforms. The purpose of any GIS platform is to work well in the field, making constant collaboration with end-users extremely important. Most GIS systems, in fact, are customized to achieve a very specific purpose. Some businesses maintain in-house GIS departments to provide constant geographic data, while others contract with dedicated GIS providers whenever they need geographic data. This report will give you information on how to prepare for your career, what kind of academic and vocational training you will need, how much money you can expect to earn at various points in your career, and even what you may like or dislike about the work. You will also find sections on where to look for work, the state of the job market, and how to get some experience sooner than you might think. Be sure to check out the links on the last page of this report.

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