88 Lime Street: The Way in

Denise Kirby

88 Lime Street: The Way in
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88 Lime Street: The Way in

Denise Kirby

From the moment Ellen arrives, she can feel something stirring in the old house. It’s almost as if it’s alive. Is there a ghost, as the kids at her new school say? Or is it something stranger? And why is there a tower with no door? When the dried-up fountain in the overgrown garden suddenly spouts water and weird messages appear, Ellen must find her way into the mysterious, magical and dangerous world that has been waiting for her..


Ellen’s new house is huge, it has a massive overgrown garden, it’s full of old furniture and it even has towers, one of which is mysteriously blocked off. After the dried-up fountain in the backyard magically starts flowing with fresh, clear water, Ellen is determined to uncover the secret of 88 Lime Street. Fortunately, while exploring, she finds the plans to the house in an old book. They show that there is a door to the curious tower, but offer only an enigmatic puzzle that Ellen alone can see as a key to the way in. The fact that her new school is full of bullies, her parents think she’s mad and someone or something is sending her strange messages, really leaves Ellen with little choice but to solve the puzzle and see what’s in the tower.

I loved 88 Lime Street, it starts out as a ghost story but quickly becomes something much more exciting – a room full of children all from different points in history fighting a race against Time itself! 88 Lime Street is carefully written and never really gets any scarier than spooky. It’s like a cross between Tom’s Midnight Garden and an episode of Doctor Who. A great book for kids 8 and up.

Dani Solomon works in the Children’s & YA section at Carlton.

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