No Man-Oeuvre: On the Highway of Truth

John O'Loughlin

No Man-Oeuvre: On the Highway of Truth
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No Man-Oeuvre: On the Highway of Truth

John O'Loughlin

Conceived on a similar aphoristic basis to ‘Ethnic Universality’ (2002), its immediate precursor, this title, with its pun on manoeuvre, lays down the case for godly rights in relation to the development of globalization towards its universal summation, and contends, with the aid of comprehensively logical structures which stretch through the Elements (in general terms) from cosmic and natural to human and divine (cyborgistic), that since godliness has still not attained to its per se manifestation, there is no reason to regard such godliness as has and does obtain as the end of the religious road but, rather, to understand how religion still has to develop beyond its traditional structures if God, or godkind, is to supersede and, in a sense, supplant man, or mankind, as the logical outcome of historical development and, indeed, of evolution in general. To that end, it has been the intent of ‘No Man-oeuvre’ to debunk conventional religion, both Western and especially Eastern, in order to demonstrate that all established religions leave something to be desired from the standpoint of true universality in relation to the final development of religion, of soulful totalitarianism, on genuinely global terms.

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