Omeganotes: Of an Ideological Philosopher

John O'Loughlin, John J O'Loughlin

Omeganotes: Of an Ideological Philosopher
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Omeganotes: Of an Ideological Philosopher

John O'Loughlin, John J O'Loughlin

The winter of 1996-97 saw John O'Loughlin begin and eventually bring to a close a work of philosophy which rose above what he had already achieved (see, for instance, ‘Maximum Omega’) in terms of the degree to which he was able to refine upon and perfect his concept of Truth, bringing to a head his quest for the most exactingly comprehensive and logically definitive metaphysical text to-date, a text both more thematically essential and structurally informal than ever before, and one which, unknown to himself at the time, was to serve as a springboard to still higher achievements in the genre. Such, at any rate, is how these ‘Omeganotes of an Ideological Philosopher’ - albeit very much a self-taught and non-professorial one for whom philosophy is the logical extension beyond poetry - now strike the author, as he casts his mind back over the torturous paths that were to lead to the definitive realization of Truth and set him free of metaphysical uncertainties.

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