Bruno Letis Workbook 15

Leti Bruno Wallace Crabbe Chris

Bruno Letis Workbook 15
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Bruno Letis Workbook 15

Leti Bruno Wallace Crabbe Chris

A beautiful workbook showcasing the art of Melbourne painter Bruno Leti, from early musings and sketches on the creative process to stunning photography and portraits. With a special introduction by Readings' very own Mark Rubbo and poet and critic Chris Wallace-Crabbe.

All proceeds from this book go to the Readings Foundation.


Facts on the table:

  • I am not an art connoisseur.
  • Bruno Leti is very well-known in the art world and has had work represented in pretty much all national and state art galleries in Australia.
  • Bruno is a Melbourne based artist.
  • His work explores colours and forms appearing as spontaneous bursts of movement and shade.

To know more facts, this wonderful collection of art illustrated within the heavy covers of Workbook 15, comes with hand written notes and musings will help. The workbook, as the title suggests, shows the steps and the thinking that goes into every brush stroke. This is not simple art.

Chris Wallace Crabbe has written an introduction exploring the concept of what is a work book is. Ah, does his eloquent turn of phrase and his quotes from various sources make the process of turning the pages over in wonder any less obtuse? No, certainly the words add depth, but because Bruno Leti is an artist and knows to extend emotion through his work, then all one can say here, is that his words are the icing. It is Leti’s work that is swirl of imagination and takes you from one place to the next.

So back to the facts:

  • I am not an art specialist but certainly I know what I like.
  • I like Bruno Leti: Workbook No 15.

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