Sigur Ros

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Sigur Ros

Valtari is Sigur Rós’s sixth studio album and the first since 2008’s acclaimed Með suð í eyrum við spilum en-dalaust, marking the end of their indefinite hiatus. The band formed in 1994. It is either the album they always wanted to make, or the album they almost didn’t make, depending on how you look at it.

Some of the songs had much earlier starts and were heard live, but were never fully realised. Following time off to be closer to home - or in frontman Jonsi’s case to make a stellar solo album ‘Go' - the four members came to-gether and that alchemical relationship has produced Valtari. The band says the album is ‘like an avalanche in slow motion.‘

  1. Eg anda
  2. Ekki mukk
  3. Varud
  4. Rembihnutur
  5. Daudalogn
  6. Vardeldur
  7. Valtari
  8. Fjogur p ano


The sixth studio album from this wonderful Icelandic band translates to ‘steamroller’ in English, perhaps a reference to the effect their music has been known to have on the listener.

The first half of this record has a very distinctive ‘song’ feel to it, which adds to the mesmerising beauty of the suite of music contained within the three closing tracks.

In short, Valtari encompasses all the sadness, joy and wonder that is great about Sigur Rós and indeed music in general.

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