The Family Hour in Australia

Tai Snaith

The Family Hour in Australia
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The Family Hour in Australia

Tai Snaith

Cuddle up with someone from your family and visit 15 of Australia’s native animals and their families. Find out what they eat and how they play, where they live and who looks after them. Which family is most like yours?

The Family Hour introduces young children to 15 fascinating Australian animals and their families. It presents unique facts about each animal in a fun and imaginative way.

Features: Gouldian finches Numbats Kangaroos Platypus Echidnas Black swans Frill-necked lizards Koalas Weedy seadragons Eastern spotted quoll Sugar gliders Ringtail possums Tasmanian devils Corroboree frogs Hairy-nosed wombats


There are so many delicious elements to this new Australian picture book that it’s hard to know where to begin.

Perhaps with the gorgeous native animals engaging in typical behaviours, the stylish references to retro furniture and design, but also the unusual facts (did you know a baby echidna is called a puggle and drinks pink milk until it can eat ants?), the clock to be discovered on every page, and finally, the matte cover and thick pages that complete this gorgeous book.

Tai Snaith is a writer, curator and artist with an impressive CV. Her drawing style is realistic but with a quirky, stylised edge and her animals look very authentic while also anthropomorphised to appeal to young children. The story follows families on a regular day, beginning with the Gouldian finch family eating breakfast, termites for morning tea with the baby numbats, and so on, through to the hairy-nosed wombats, which awaken just as the rest of the world is going to bed.

Various family units are represented from same sex parents and single mums, to multiple families living together. Some pages have simple bold lines, whereas others are filled with intricate detail and these in particular invite poring over by curious children. Many of the animals are endangered and all of the unusual anecdotes are true, which provides a fascinating educational experience for both parent and child.

In every way, The Family Hour in Australia is an absolute delight to be enjoyed time and time again.

Angela Crocombe is the shop manager at Readings Kids.

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