Just a Girl

Jane Caro

Just a Girl
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Just a Girl

Jane Caro

I do not remember when I discovered how my mother died, it seems to be something I always knew, a horror I absorbed through my skin. Determined, passionate, privileged and headstrong, Elizabeth was born into a world where she felt she didn’t belong and had to fight to survive. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed by her father Henry VIII. From that moment on, Elizabeth competed with her two half-siblings for love and for Britain’s throne. In the gilded corridors of the royal palace, enemies she couldn’t see - as well as those bound to her by blood - plotted to destroy her. How do you find the courage to become queen even though you are just a girl?


Just a Girl by Jane Caro is a very well written, interesting and factual story about Queen Elizabeth I. Personally, I love Elizabethan history and I especially love the time periods of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, but it’s usually hard to find a book that isn’t thousands of pages long, a dry read and overloaded with facts.

But luckily, Just a Girl is different. Sure, it documents Elizabeth’s rise to queen and her changing relationships with her siblings and complicated relationship with her father, but it’s done in an engaging way. That said, it is a thinking book. It will give you dates and times of a history that did actually happen, so if you just want to pick up a light and easy read I wouldn’t recommend this book. However, if you like history, or even if you just want to read about a real princess, this book is fantastic! It has sad moments and tragic moments. Heck, it even has momentous occasions! And, for me, when I found out that the author actually included speeches or talks between the characters that were actually said, I thought, ‘Wow. Just wow.’

The story is written in first person and just gives you that extra bit of emotion that a story like this needs. I give it 7/10!

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