Tears of Broken Heart in Isolation

Khairullah Khan

Tears of Broken Heart in Isolation
Independently Published
3 September 2023

Tears of Broken Heart in Isolation

Khairullah Khan

In the heart of a modern society, where the pace of life races forward, there exists an enclave of wisdom, camaraderie, and enduring love-a place known simply as the "Isolated Community." Here, against the backdrop of bustling cities and rapidly changing times, the custom of sending elderly family members to a separate community has taken root. "Tears of Broken Heart in Isolation" is a novel that unfolds within this unique community, exploring the intricacies of a custom that reflects the complexities of modern life. It is a story that delves into the hearts and minds of those who find themselves at the crossroads of their twilight years, navigating the emotional terrain of leaving behind the familiar comforts of their homes and families. At its core, this novel follows the journey of Margaret, a widow, as she prepares to depart from her home, leaving behind beloved grandchildren, cherished memories, and the house that has been the backdrop of her life's most poignant moments. As Margaret's departure draws near, she embarks on a poignant journey of introspection, a reflection that stirs the embers of her love for her late husband, John, her children, and her friends who have become family.

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