The little house of my cat Dodo

David Nzigi

The little house of my cat Dodo
Independently Published
2 September 2023

The little house of my cat Dodo

David Nzigi

It's Dav's birthday. As a gift, mom and dad give him a little house for his cat Dodo. The most extraordinary thing is that Dav can fit inside too! This way, he can visit his cat Dodo whenever he wants. Even if he has to walk on all fours to move inside because it's so small. Throughout this book, Dav tenderly tells us about his daily life when he visits his cat Dodo in his little house. Above all, this book tells a beautiful love story between a child and their pet. It highlights the strong bonds that form between them and the companionship that unites them. Dav and Dodo show that even in a small space, happiness and fun can be found. By sharing his daily life with his cat Dodo in this little house, Dav reminds us of the importance of giving time and attention to those we love, whether they are small or big. He invites us to share in his sweet way of life and celebrate the simple moments that make life so precious.

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