Eastward Veggie Adventures

The Curry House

Eastward Veggie Adventures
Independently Published
1 September 2023

Eastward Veggie Adventures

The Curry House

Vegetarianism has been an increasingly popular lifestyle choice as of late, as many people have become more conscious of the long-term impacts of their food choices. From health to environmental concerns, more and more individuals are looking to achieve the same delicious meals without the use of meat. But some may find comfort food cravings a struggle to satisfy within their newly adopted lifestyle due to a lack of creative vegetarian-friendly recipes. Fortunately, that's where Eastward Veggie Adventures: 101 Meatless Delights steps in! This innovative cookbook takes cooks on an eastward journey through familiar and exotic dishes that will broaden their veggie horizons. With its extensive selection of both authentic favorites and adventurous new creations, home cooks will find something that suits their fancy without sacrificing flavor.

Rather than relying on ordinary veggie ingredients like tofu, seitan, and tempeh, this cookbook opts for a more exciting approach. Readers will discover a wide array of flavors inspired by Eastern cuisines - in particular, Indian, Chinese, and Thai - as well as healthful alternatives to replace animal-based foods such as dairy, eggs, and fish sauce. Chapters like "Asian Greens in the House" and "Aromatic Spices to Remember" provide a rich variation of entrees to satisfy vegetarian and non-vegetarian eaters alike.

Recipes include creative, yet simple to prepare dishes such as Fried Lotus Root Pakoras, Chinese Broccoli in Hoisin Sauce, Sour and Spicy Daikon Salad, and Lemon Tofu French Toast. Each dish includes helpful tips for achieving best results from detailed step-by-step instructions. In addition, restaurant-style recipes are designed with "veganising" hints in mind without compromising taste or atmosphere.

With its lively use of colors combined with clear illustrations and straightforward language, Eastward Veggie Adventures: 101 Meatless Delights makes vegetarian cooking simple and stress-free. It is both a perfect introduction for newbies to the vegetarian lifestyle, as well as a great resource for vegetarians looking to spice up their menu with healthier, more exciting creations. Drive your taste buds even further eastward in search for meatless delights with this highly recommended cookbook!

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