Tantra !

Frederic David

Tantra !
Independently Published
5 August 2023

Tantra !

Frederic David

"TANTRA ! - 52 rituals to blossom love " is a practical guide for couples wishing to explore and deepen their emotional, spiritual and sexual connection through tantra - tantra's aim to awaken our spirituality by using sexual energy as a sacred force for transformation and healing. The introduction explains the origins of tantra, an age-old spiritual and philosophical tradition, as well as its benefits today. The book details different types of Tantric rituals that cover the entire Tantra spectrum:

Anchoring rituals enable couples to root themselves in the present moment and establish a deep energetic connection. Emotional connection rituals are an invitation to explore the complexity of human emotions and discover the beauty and power of the emotional bond in a relationship. Sensuality rituals explore conscious caressing, tantric dance and sensory exploration to awaken sensuality and mutual attraction. Intimacy rituals teach how to merge yin and yang energies, chakras and the rise of sexual energy to deepen intimacy between partners. Ecstasy rituals reveal the secrets of orgasmic breathing, sacred fire and pleasure transcendence for ecstatic and spiritual experiences. Healing rituals help release emotional blockages, reconcile the feminine and masculine, and heal relational wounds. Joy rituals allow you to awaken joy and experience it together in different situations. Celebration rituals invite couples to express gratitude, appreciate shared love and honor their sacred union. Sacred Sexuality Rituals discuss the practice of sacred sexuality and how it can help partners reach a higher state of consciousness, thereby strengthening their mutual understanding and spiritual union.

A final chapter offers advice and suggestions for integrating Tantra into daily life, overcoming challenges and obstacles, and supporting the couple's growth and evolution. In its conclusion, the book underlines the gentle power of tantra to foster unconditional love and spiritual awakening. Through the practice of these 52 tantric rituals based on ancient practices, couples will be able to open their hearts to the joy of existing, and live a more authentic and fulfilling love life.

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