Aircraft Structures, Powerplants and Systems for the Commercial Pilot

Stephen Walmsley

Aircraft Structures, Powerplants and Systems for the Commercial Pilot
Independently Published
2 August 2023

Aircraft Structures, Powerplants and Systems for the Commercial Pilot

Stephen Walmsley

Aircraft structures, powerplants and systems knowledge is one of the fundamental topics a pilot must master to operate an aircraft safely. This topic is not just about understanding the different components of the aircraft, but also recognizing and managing any problems that arise. Considering the severe consequences that can occur when things go wrong in aviation, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the aircraft you are flying. From the author of the hugely popular Aircraft Technical Knowledge for the Private Pilot, this book takes the reader deeper into the world of aircraft structures, powerplants and systems. A particular focus has been placed on practical aviation, thereby linking science with the real world. Although this book mainly focuses on small to medium-sized aircraft, many of the design principles can be applied to aircraft of all sizes.

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