Sammy Saves the Seas

Sarah Damen

Sammy Saves the Seas
Independently Published
1 August 2023

Sammy Saves the Seas

Sarah Damen

Sammy the Sea Turtle sets out on a mission to clean up the ocean and protect marine life. Through this story, kids learn about the impact of plastic pollution and how to take care of the planet.

This engaging and inspiring children's book, "Sammy Saves the Seas," follows the adventurous journey of Sammy the Sea Turtle as he takes it upon himself to clean up the polluted ocean and protect his fellow marine life. Through Sammy's story, young readers not only learn about the detrimental effects of plastic pollution but also discover practical ways to care for and preserve the planet. With vibrant illustrations and a captivating narrative, this book serves as a powerful tool to educate and empower children to become environmental stewards and make a positive difference in the world.

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