Deep Within

Mary Clark Dalton

Deep Within
Independently Published
1 August 2023

Deep Within

Mary Clark Dalton

Prince Albert and Princess Olivia had heard the story over and over again. At first, they had thought that it was a fairytale. But, the more they heard the story of the mysterious kingdom with the same name as the one their mother came from, the more they began to believe that the unsolved mystery was more than a story, and had, in fact, really happened. According to their father, he was reading one night, when all of sudden, he was in another kingdom-the kingdom of his dreams. The only problem was, he didn't know how he had arrived there or how he would get back! Everyone in this kingdom knew him, but he didn't remember any of them. Thus begins the detective search of two royals. Clues and more clues-some intriguing, others confusing, and some downright scary-give Albert and Olivia the determination to carry on. Will there finally be an answer to the mystery that has haunted the king and queen for so many years?

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