Upon Silver Fangs

Warren G Larch

Upon Silver Fangs
Independently Published
31 July 2023

Upon Silver Fangs

Warren G Larch

From the big city to the dusty plains...Detective Blackwell is a detective for the Iron Wyvern Agency in New Vargsten who has been dealt a bad hand. His wife was murdered by a faerie mob boss, and just as he is getting close to having his revenge, the detective is sent to the mountain mining town of Silverpeak. A reporter has gone missing, and suspicions are being made public, but Ezra Blackwell is determined to figure out what happened to the wayward journalist. Brutish monsters and dark secrets will plague the half-elf every time he digs deeper into the case of Isabella Jameson, but it might be the charismatic owner of the town's silver mine that could prove to be the biggest challenge of Ezra's career.

Follow Ezra Blackwell as he leaves the sprawling metropolis haven of New Vargsten and ventures into the wilderness on a harrowing quest to bring light to the truth and crush a mess of rumors. Will a web of lies and deceit be the ultimate downfall of the agency's best detective, or will a foul beast lurking in the shadows snuff the life from the emotionally exhausted half-elf like a smoldering cigar?

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