Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life

Pradip Kumar Ray

Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life
Independently Published
31 July 2023

Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life

Pradip Kumar Ray

Sometimes some motivational words, stories, sayings act as a medium to move forward in people's lives. People find light on their way from these instructive stories. This book is a collection of such instructive short stories that will inspire you as you go through life. These inspirational stories will encourage you to follow your dreams, be kind to others, and never give up on yourself. Will encourage you to find the power to change your thinking and your life. We humans always suffer from lack. Few people seem to be able to free themselves from the bonds of expectation. As long as you lack, you will need motivation. The desire to be something, the frustration created by one's own condition works in everyone. Our emotions tend to influence us so much that we are not in a state from which we can come out whenever we want. We often hear motivational stories. Get lost in the words of many speakers. I feel an invisible force within myself. But what is this motivational story? Why do we feel this way? Have we ever thought? In fact, every motivational story is a story of some "loser" who has written the word "Successful" by erasing the word "loser" from his forehead or a man who has dragged himself from an extreme bad situation to a height or a situation where he should not be. Almost all of us know how important motivation is in life. Every person wants to stay motivated all the time. If these motivational judgments are followed correctly in real life, anyone's life can be changed effortlessly.

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