Unblock your writing

Marcus Winther-John

Unblock your writing
Independently Published
1 August 2023

Unblock your writing

Marcus Winther-John

Has your creative process ground to a halt? Feel like you can't finish anything? Are you struggling to even get started? "Unblock your writing" consists of 33 short concise chapters of motivational mindsets and constructive kicks in the ass! Become productive, positive, and receptive to inspiration so you can dance with the magic that gets your creativity flowing.

With over 20 platinum-selling records, a myriad of music releases, and four books on his CV, Marcus Winther-John (arguably Denmark's most productive songwriter) shares his approach to kickstarting the creative process, regardless of whether you create with words, melodies, clay, or something else.

Get inspired by chapters such as ... - Show up and inspiration will too - Don't be the best, do your best - The whole world doesn't give a shit! - Don't wait for the perfect idea

Writer's block is a concept of your own creation and something you can overcome. Start now with this book.

Every masterpiece started with one sentence, one melody, one stroke of the paintbrush. There is absolutely no reason why this very moment could not be the moment that you start your masterpiece ... or just start something!

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