Memories Of...

Carol M Mottershead

Memories Of...
Independently Published
6 April 2023

Memories Of…

Carol M Mottershead

John Punch is desperate to save the life of the woman he loves. It has been rumoured that a medicine woman, to the north, possesses a miraculous cure-all elixir. He must choose between staying by her side or embarking on a hazardous journey fraught with danger.

In 17th Century Virginia, disease and pestilence has spread throughout the island, claiming the lives of many of Hugh Gwynn's indentured servants. John's wife has fallen gravely ill, and he is faced with a difficult decision: stay by her side or take the risk of never seeing her again.

The path ahead will be perilous, spanning vast terrains and treacherous waters; yet, as John gazes upon his wife's sweat-soaked brow, he realizes that the slim hope of saving her is worth any risk. Failure would mean losing his beloved forever.

John's not the only one who could lose all. For Hugh's wife has a secret that she has never dared to tell. It could destroy everything she has...

Follow the islanders in this romantic historical fiction set in a time when hope and love, were precious.

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