My Blessed Garage

Pj Warrior

My Blessed Garage
Pj Warrior
7 May 2019

My Blessed Garage

Pj Warrior

What would you do if you had the right to walk away from a relationship, from a friend, family member, or even a marriage? I mean the right to walk away! You could easily walk out the door and leave the damage behind, all with a clear conscience. When your heart has been ripped out of your chest and handed to you from the very person you needed and expected to be loyal….what would you do? You walk away, right! Yep! I agree, and that’s just what I …tried… to do. The tree climbing, horseback riding, mid-west country girl ragged inside and I was one step away from closing the door of the relationship. And that relationship? Well, that would be my marriage of almost thirteen years. So, problem solved, right? Walk away and burn it all to the ground?!? Well, not quite. What if you try to walk away from the relationship, and God requests that you stay? I mean tells you straight to your heart…. I need you to stay and love them through this Then what do you do then? Will you trust God enough to take care of you and your situation? Or will you do like you have done before? Take matters into your own hands and go in search of the justice you so rightfully deserve?

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