Aloha Affirmations: 12 Words for Daily Positivity

Thomas Macsay,Shanya Inafuku

Aloha Affirmations: 12 Words for Daily Positivity
Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream
20 July 2022

Aloha Affirmations: 12 Words for Daily Positivity

Thomas Macsay,Shanya Inafuku

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Aloha! Let these uplifting and mindful affirmations teach you how to love with all your heart Love your friends and family with all of your heart, but love yourself first to start! Aloha Affirmations provides beautiful affirmations for kids that teaches kids about self-love, compassion, and grace. Each affirmation represents a unique Hawaiian phrase. Children will fall in love with embracing these daily positive affirmations to lift their self esteem, mood and spirits.

Be inspired to ride the waves of kindness and compassion in your life
Olu'olu means to be pleasant, nice, and gracious. Remember to be kind to your family, friends, and classmates. Be courteous in action and considerate in speech. Being good to others should never be out of reach! Aloha Affirmations provides positive thinking for kids with Hawaiian phrases that will inspire them to be kind-hearted, compassionate, and helpful towards others.

Discover the aloha way to live a life full of happiness and love Aloha Affirmations helps children develop into mindful kids so that they can live a life that is full of happiness, health, and love. Children will love learning about Hawaiian culture as they read each inspiring affirmation. Whether it comes to being encouraged to be creative, healthy, or kind, there is a positive message to help kids live a joyful life.

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