Mr. Tilling's Basement & Other Stories

Edward Lee

Mr. Tilling's Basement & Other Stories
Deadite Press
26 July 2022

Mr. Tilling’s Basement & Other Stories

Edward Lee

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For more than three decades, Edward Lee has defined the extreme horror genre with his unnerving macabre stories. Described as the hardest of the hardcore horror writers by Cemetery Dance, and a legend of literary mayhem by Richard Laymon, Lee will take you on a journey as thought-provoking as it is depraved. Collected here for the first time, Deadite Press presents four new stories of liminal spaces, sexual perversion, and the dark side of human nature.

Mr. Tilling’s Basement

If an intriguing woman knocked on the door to your craptastic new house and offered to sell you some knowledge about it for a small fee, and then she showed you a secret room in your basement where the former owner smoked hallucinogens and performed occult rituals, would you be curious to explore it with her? If you’re a morose and horny retired professor like Herman Tilling, you sure as Hell would! But it might not end up the way you expect.

The Night-Sitter

When Jessica accepts an offer of free room & board and $500 per night from a reclusive retiree to house-sit for him while he sleeps, she figures there must be some kind of catch. But it’s easier money than being a cam-girl. And he doesn’t want sex. He just wants her to stay awake all night and keep an ear out for unusual noises. He’s probably just paranoid, right?

An American Tourist in Poland

Foster Morley, a retired professor, travels to Poland in the hopes of satisfying his sexual appetites at the local fleshpots, only to run into unexpected and increasingly deranged events.

The Statement of Sgt. Jessop

Sgt. Jessop of the Innsmouth Police Department was on patrol when he first realized something was seriously wrong. In this interview, he recounts his first-hand experience as one of the only living survivors of the cosmic horror that transpired that day.

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