Global Medievalism: An Introduction

Helen Young (Deakin University, Victoria),Kavita Mudan Finn

Global Medievalism: An Introduction
Cambridge University Press
United Kingdom
6 October 2022

Global Medievalism: An Introduction

Helen Young (Deakin University, Victoria),Kavita Mudan Finn

The typical vision of the Middle Ages western popular culture represents to its global audience is deeply Eurocentric. The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones imagined entire medievalist worlds, but we see only a fraction of them through the stories and travels of the characters. Organised around the theme of mobility, this Element seeks to deconstruct the Eurocentric orientations of western popular medievalisms which typically position Europe as either the whole world or the centre of it, by making them visible and offering alternative perspectives. How does popular culture represent medievalist worlds as global-connected by the movement of people and objects? How do imagined mobilities allow us to create counterstories that resist Eurocentric norms? This study represents the start of what will hopefully be a fruitful and inclusive conversation of what the Middle Ages did, and should, look like.

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